Bespoke Furniture – making it personal


Alan deBattista director of ChillisChilli explains why more people are turning to custom when furnishing their homes.

When it comes to furnishing your home, there is essentially one main factor to consider; This is your own space and in turn must be designed for you. Furniture and interiors which are made according to your preference will reflect your personality and sense of style and ultimately create a more favourable living space.

Opting for custom eliminates the stress of having to fit ready-made furniture into a given space. Rather than visiting numerous establishments hoping to puzzle together separate units and make them fit together, all you need to do is choose the right manufacturer, give them the dimensions you have to work with, and specify what you are looking for. Your only concern becomes that of conveying your needs to the manufacturers and let them take care of the rest. Even the choice of materials and colours will be in your hands. You gain the luxury of selecting different materials which in turn can improve the appearance and quality of the final product. The level of versatility is entirely up to you. This flexibility with bespoke furniture allows you to maximize the potential of your home.

Once you opt for custom furniture you must look for a number of characteristics in a manufacturer and keep the following points in mind:

Customising a home to a client’s individual specifications requires considerable amount of groundwork and research. An experienced carpenter will have extensive knowledge of such things as quality of different  materials, as well as having a firm command of a various fabrication techniques ensuring that the items  created remain practical as well as visually pleasing.


More often than not, what raises the standard of specific furniture items is the care and attention to detail employed during the construction process. This is specifically the point where the level of expertise of the carpenter comes into play adding the proverbial cherry on the cake.


Take care to integrate your practical needs with what might look good. The able carpenter is one who will predict the needs of the customer and build beautiful furniture keeping details of the individual’s prerequisites in mind.

Time constraints and deadlines are often some of the main concerns brought forward by the customer. Credible time frames must be set and proper communication between client and manufacturer will inevitably  help the process.

ChillisChilli are creators of bespoke furniture, cabinetry, specialist joinery and other interiors. The team of skilled craftsmen combine traditional skills and expertise in furniture making with modern methods and materials to create the bespoke design.  Experienced in all aspects of joinery manufacture and installation, ChillisChilli work closely with main contractors, designers, architects and other professionals to ensure the seamless creation and installation of fully integrated interiors.