Alan Debattista

Creative & Managing Director | Owner

Alan has been in the business of carpentry in Malta for over twelve years. He started his studies in boat building and design in the UK and practiced carpentry in America, UK and Spain. He then settled back in Malta and started his own business. He has been investing in his company that has grown into a trusted and respected player in the custom design furniture market.

The Team

Our team of skilled craftsmen combine traditional skills and expertise in furniture making with innovative contemporary methods and materials to create the bespoke design. Collectively, they hold decades of experience in carpentry, joinery and furniture manufacturing.


Carpentry for the ChillisChilli team is a ritual. We pride ourselves in practising the traditional art of carpentry yet creating modern and bold design of bespoke furniture.
This is where all the designs come to life. A noisy place that smells of saw dust filled with our skilled craftsmanship hammering away in the process of creation. For ChillisChilli, the workshop is soul of it all. It is equipped with workbenches, heavy machinery,spray room, tools room and an assembly and pick-up area. Carpentry for the ChillisChilli team is a ritual. They pride themselves in practising the traditional art of carpentry yet creating modern and bold design of furniture masterpieces.

Before choosing your preferred wood, please consider that the item might not be available in the time frame that you require due to its origin. There might also be a minimum order quantity for the type of wood.


The name ChillisChilli is in actual fact a catchphrase I used to use when referring to my dog Chilli, who was to me and everyone who knew him more than just a dog. It is not the first time that I was told that Chilli was unlike other dogs to which I would simply reply ‘Chilli’s Chilli’. I felt it quite fitting to name the company after this very expression and the reinvention of our brand is a tribute to those characteristics that made Chilli so unique and outstanding. Our commitment to innovating original solutions that truly capture client’s requirements remains our hallmark.


Contact us for an initial consultation session at our workshop to discuss your requirements.



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